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Every Child Is Well Cared For By Our Dedicated Nursing Staff

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Assisting You or Loved Ones Get Back To Normal.

Welcome to iServe, Best Home Care Services for Hospice Care, Home Health Care for Adult, Skilled Nursing, Pediatric Home Care, and Private Duty Nursing. Our Team of Professionals also provides Pediatric and Adult Therapy Services. Call Today at


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Does Your Sick Love One Need Home Care Services? 

Our Team of Clinical Professionals Care For Adults and Children.

 Our Hospice Care Focuses on Patients with Terminal Diagnosis with Six Months or Less to Live, 

While our Home Health Care is for the Patient who Needs Health Care at Home. Our Pediatric Home Care and Private 

Duty Nursing Focus on Children with Special Needs or Those who Need Medical Treatment or Personal Care at Home. 

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Hospice Care

Bringing The Best Hospice Care To You With 24/7 Clinical Support

iServe Hospice specializes in assisting a patient who has a life-limiting disease to live comfortably in their homes or facilities through provision of kind, thorough and personalized care. Our dedicated hospice care staff is within reach 24/7, ensuring that we care for every patient with love and kindness. End-of-life care with comfort and dignity starts with iServe home care services. Our Hospice and home care services are for everyone inlcuding family that needs pediatric home care of private duty nursing With our hospice care, You will get the following services:

  • Medicare and Medicaid cover 100% of our services.
  • Out of pocket payments are accepted
  • We give support to the entire family
  • We cover all medical supplies and equipment that the patient needs.
  • iServe medical director gives directions on the patient’s comfort care
  • You will get a nurse that visits regularly.
  • Our medical social workers assist with psychosocial and financial needs.
  • Our chaplain assists with the spiritual and emotional needs of the patient.
  • Our hospice aide assists with activities of daily living.
  • Our volunteer may assist patients and families as needed.
A patient looking away during a visit from a nurse
An aide sitting with a patient during home care visit

Home Health

Adult Skill Nursing

iServe Home Health care seeks to understand each patient and their loved ones’ needs and work to provide indvidualized care for the patient and family based on an agreed care plan. Our goal is to increase the possibility of patient recovery within 60 days while being cared for at their homes.

Our home care services dedicated staff is within reach 24/7, ensuring that we care for every patient with love and compassion. Ensuring that the patient fully recovers within a short time and the family is happy with the services we provide is our goal. The services we provide in our Home Health Care agency include the following:

  • Medicaid with private insurance such as
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield with Star Plus or Star Kids
    • Aetna with Star Plus or Star Kids
    • Out of pocket payments are accepted
  • The entire family gets our staff support from our agency.
  • All medical supplies and equipment are provided based on your needs.
  • We work with your primary care provider to formulate a care plan
  • A nurse will regularly visit for evaluation of the patient.
  • Our Home health care medical social worker will handle your psychosocial and financial needs.
  • Our home health care aide assists with daily activities such as bathing, toileting, transfers, and lighthouse errands.
  • You will receive therapy services such as physical, occupational, and speech if needed.

Private Duty Nursing

Every Child Is Well Cared For By Our Dedicated Nursing Staff


The dedicated team at iServe Healthcare is proud to provide each child with various pediatric home care and private duty nursing services that combine into one comprehensive and concise care plan created to support the patient’s overall wellbeing, goals, and objectives. With iServe, every child gets special treatment.

Our home care services for pediatric and private duty nursing staff are dedicated and within reach 24/7, ensuring every child’s safety and proper care. iServe Healthcare provides the following services to our pediatric home care and private duty nursing patients:
iServe pediatric home care accepts the following insurance:

  • Traditional Medicaid
  • Out of Pocket
  • Medicaid with private insurance such as
  • Our pediatric home care staff supports the patients and their loved ones.
  • According to the patient’s needs, we ensure that all equipment and medical supplies are available.
  • The child’s primary care provider assists with care planning.
  • The patient may get a nurse 24/7 if private duty nursing is needed or a regular visit.
  • Our medical social worker will handle the family’s psychosocial and financial needs.
  • Our home care services include private duty nursing and our personal attendant services which helps a child with activities of daily living.
  • iServe pediatric home care provides physical, occupational, and speech therapists to rehabilitate a child with a long-term disability.
a little girl holding a teddy bear
a nurse carrying a pediatric child on a wheel a wheelchair

Therapy Services

Assisting You or Loved Ones Get Back To Normal.

Family dynamics and life in general, for that matter, can be challenging at times. It helps to have a professionally trained and experienced therapist that talks to you. iServe Therapy Service provides the very best in-home therapists for adults and children alike. With assessing each patient’s physical and mental wellbeing, getting back to normal gets easier with iServe Therapy Service.

Our therapy services are designed for adults and children and can be paid for by Medicaid with Blue Cross Blue, Aetna, and out-of-pocket payments. We support the entire family, provide medical supplies, equipment, and manage all medications.


Personal Attendant Service

You are in Good Care with Us

From time to time, everyone finds themselves in a position to need a little or a lot of extra help around the house—That’s where iServe comes in. Maybe you need someone to help you or your loved one prepare meals, get dressed in the morning, bath, or clean around the house, iServe Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are readily available.

The attendant services iServe provides depend on what the family needs. Our care staff specializing in home take care of patients and families who need long-term assistance at home. Our home care services  are available 24 hours a day, seven days a wee. To cover the cost for the attendant services, we accept  Medicaid for Blue Cross and Blue Shield or Aetna Star Kids. The home health aide will assist the child with activities of daily living as needed and more. 


Nurse that works private duty job


  • Our goal for our home care service is to pursue care that provides comfort. This allows the patients and their loved ones to receive first-class care through our health care professionals.  
  • We manage the pain and symptoms for a patient with life-limiting disease and six months or less to live.
  • iServe Healthcare maintains operational integrity to elevate a patient’s standard of care.
  • iServe assists with providing spiritual and grief counseling, respite care, and the management of disease and medical conditions as recommended by your physician or hospice team.
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works with children with special needs and conditions by providing pediatric private duty nursing, therapy, and personal attendant services to improve their lives and those of their parents or guardians.
  • Our 24/7 on-call staff comes to the aid of patients, caretakers, guardians, and family members with timely professionalism day or night 365 days a year for reliable care when you need it most.


We are here to serve each patient and family according to their needs

“I don’t know what I would have done without your assistance and the kind words you provided when our mother was dying of cancer. We had no idea how to go about finding a funeral home or what to do when she passes. All your staff that came to house did a wonderful job. Thank you so much!”

– The D family for Hospice

“I thank God that I contacted iServe Healthcare when my dad was discharged from the hospital and needed a home health service. The daily wound care nurse was prompt and consistent, now his wound is completely healed. I appreciate what you guys do”

– The S family for Home Health

“The Kindness and care you provided to our child this past summer was amazing. Our child is happy and feels comfortable with your staff, and your lovely work make our lives better”

– The O. family for Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

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