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iServe Home Health Specializes in Rehabilitating Patients Who Return Home From The Hospital or Whose Primary Care Provider Has Recommended Home Health Care. Ensuring Full Recovery at Your Home Within a Short Time is Our #1 Goal. We are One Call Away. We Provide Skilled Nursing Care, Home Health Aide for Personal Care, and Therapy Services. Our Home Care Team is Available to Provide the Best Home Health Care for You or Your Loved One.

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At iServe Home Health, we Currently Accept The Following Insurance for Our Adult and Pediatric Patients.

Traditional Medicaid

Blue Cross Blue Sheld > Star Plus and Star Kids

Atenea  > Star Plus and Star Kids

Superior HealthPlan > Star Plus

We Provide Care at The Following


At Your Home

Nursing Homes

Assisted Living Facilities

Independent Living Facilities

Retired Homes

Group Homes

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iServe Home Health

Provides High Quality In-Home Care Services

A comprehensive approach to care that iServe Healthcare provides includes improving patients’ lives at the comfort of their homes. To ensure outstanding care to patients and family members, iServe healthcare professionals obtain the best education to carry out the necessary patient care duties required to improve the lives of the patients.

At iServe home health, we provide skilled nursing, therapy, and personal attendant services to cover all areas of care expected to improve the patient’s life and quick recovery. Some of the services we provide here at iServe for our home health patients include

  • Wound care
  • Intravenous injections and fluid administration
  • Blood Sugar check and Insulin Injection 
  • Medication administration 
  • Routing visits for evaluation of patient 
  • Provisition of supplies and equipment needed to care for the patient 
  • Physical, occupation, and speech therapy
  • Our home health aide may assist patients with activities of daily living. 

With 60 days of discharge in mind, our holistic care enables patients and families to recover quickly, become independent, and participate in their care decision-making. Our professional home health team may work with patients in an assisted living facility ( ALF), independent living facility, nursing homes, group homes, traditional and retired homes. Retired and traditional home setting


Patient Care Plan and Care


iServe Home Health essentially creates a plan of care that guides the care of the patient and the family. Helping others is our desire, and it enables us to focus on the most critical issues for the patient and others in the home. We coordinate with the patient, the patient’s primary care provider, and the family to develop an individualized plan of care.

Going by the patient’s signs and symptoms, clinical history, and other pressing needs, we create a plan that will treat the patient’s disease and a program that will improve the patient’s quality of life. To ensure that we implement every goal, we include patients and families in care decision-making. To maintain quality of care and patient satisfaction, our Director of Nursing (DON) regularly completes a supervisory visit to a patient’s home for a one-on-one assessment of the ongoing care we provide.

Our Services

  • Skilled nursing is the primary purpose of home health services. for this reason, our nursing staff are dedicated to providing the top quality care to every patient. Starting from admission to discharge, these clinical specialist care for patients with different diagnosis such diabetes, congestive heart failure, respiratory failure, stroke, renal disease, alzheimer’s etc. Our skilled nurses specialize in family education and management of care that are disease-specific, medication administration, dietary and nutrition management, and wound care.
  • Our therapy services include physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy. At the comfort of their homes, each patient receives quality therapy services that enable them to restore function and maintain mobility. Depending on the situation, our physical therapist may assist a patient who was involved in accident to walk again. Our occupational therapist may assist a patient restore motor skills to enable activity of daily living performance, and our speech therapist focuses on assisting patients who may have difficulty swallowing, speaking or has other language skill problems.
  • We provide medical social workers to assist patient and family with psychosocial needs including providing community resources, financial advise and counseling to improve quality of life.
  • Patients who are total care or need additional assistance at their homes may get assistance from our home health aides multiple times a week. Our aides assist patient with activities of daily living including bathing, cleaning, linen changes, laundry, meal preparations, transfers, feeding and companionship.

iServe Healthcare Benefits

  • Clinical specialist available 24/7.
  • Pain and symptoms management
  • Wound care
  • Disease-specific management
  • Medication administration management
  • Dietary and nutrition management
  • Provision of medical equipment and supplies
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy assessment and management
  • Home health aide availability
  • Coordination of care with the primary care provider
  • Individualized plan of care
  • Always meeting the goals of a patient plan of care

Our Team

Skilled Nursing

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Social Worker

Home Health Aide

At iServe Healthcare, our home heath services bring quality care and clinical knowledge to the patients and their families. Knowing that our main goal is to provide care that would improve patient disease and restore of health, patients and families are always excited to welcome iServe Healthcare to their homes. As we continue to serve our patients and their loved ones through provision of quality care, our reward awaits us in heaven. You are not just a patient, you are part of iServe family.