Working Together

With Healthcare Professionals To Improve Patients Lives

Providing the Best

Hospice Care Is What We Do, Let Us Know How We Can Help

Admitting Patient to Hospice

Have a patient that could benefit from Hospice? We’ll gladly help them with the process, every step of the way. Our nursing staff are available to evaluate and complete initial assessment within 24 hours of patient’s referral. Every patient matters.

Hospital to Home Transition

Some patient may have difficulty settling down after discharge from hospital to home due to crisis or other severe symptoms. iServe clinical specialist are there to assist with providing proper medication to maintain comfort.

Working With Other Companies

Hospice is a holistic care that requires dedicated healthcare team members to provide comfort care to a patient throughout the end of life. We work with local pharmacies and medical supply or equipment companies to provide immediate resources needed to control pain or other distress patient may have. Our partners ensure that needed resources are delivered on time.

Family Education

iServe Hospice team provides an ongoing education to families who may not have enough information or in denial regarding patient’s terminal diagnosis. We take the time to educate each individual regarding expectations toward end of life and participation in plan of care.